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APRIL 27, 2024 at 1:00 PM
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01 — Info Session Topics

What you will learn in the info session

Certainly! Here are some topics that you might consider covering in a DevOps course information session:

Introduction to DEVOPS Role

Provide an overview of what a DevOps Engineer does, their responsibilities, and the significance of their role in software development and IT operations. Discuss the growing demand for DevOps professionals in the tech industry and how organizations are increasingly prioritizing automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices in their software development and deployment pipelines.

Course Curriculum

Detail the key topics and modules covered in the DevOps course, including topics such as automation tools and practices, containerization, continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, infrastructure as code (IaC), and DevOps culture and best practices. Introduce the course instructors, highlighting their qualifications and real-world experience in DevOps, and emphasize the resources available to students, such as online forums, libraries, and hands-on labs for practical learning.

Career Opportunities

Explain the career prospects and potential job roles in DevOps, covering salary ranges and the promising job growth in the field. Share success stories or testimonials from past students who have thrived in DevOps roles after completing the course. Encourage attendees to engage in an interactive session where they can ask questions and seek clarification on any aspects of the course or the DevOps career path.
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02 — Invest in yourself

We provide you with valuable insights and actionable advice

In today's fast-paced and competitive world, it's more important than ever to constantly work on improving your skills. Whether you're looking to advance your career, start your own business, or simply improve your quality of life, developing new skills is key to achieving your goals. 
03 — Webinar hosts

Meet your webinar hosts

Don't just take our word for it! Our previous attendees have transformed their businesses and created successful online courses after attending our webinar. Here's what some of them have to say:
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David Turan

Please welcome David Turan, an accomplished IT with half a decade of experience in the software testing and development realm. Throughout his career, David has delved into the intricacies of test automation, quality assurance, and the ever-evolving landscape of software testing methodologies. 
  • 5+ Years of experience in IT
  • Founder
  • An expert in leading students to succeed in their careers
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Yusuf Turan

It's our pleasure to introduce Yusuf Turan, a DevOps enthusiast with 4 years of experience in the software development and operations domain. Yusuf's journey in the tech industry has been marked by a profound exploration of automation tools, continuous integration/continuous delivery practices, and the latest DevOps technologies and methodologies.
  • 4+ Years of experience in IT  
  • Mastery of AWS Tools
  • Committed to bring a unique perspective to the table
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Ana Pena

We are thrilled to introduce Ana Pena, our School Coordinator and PR Manager, a professional with a track record of excellence in coordinating educational programs and managing public relations. Ana's career has been defined by her dedication to fostering academic success and effectively communicating with various stakeholders in the education sector.
  • 4+ Years of experience  
  • Skilled PR Manager adept at effective communication
  • Demonstrated commitment to fostering academic succes